Aggregates & Gravel

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Mining the Okanagan

South Okanagan Concrete Products is a manufacturer of many screened aggregates.  We have two gravel pits with over 100 acres of permitted active mines.  Our gravel pits, located just north west of Osoyoos, are blessed with some of the best aggregate gravel and sands in the Okanagan Valley.


Our fleet of dump trucks or end dumps—all operated by experienced drivers—can deliver. We can supply a wide variety of aggregates. From engineered screened products to decorative landscape rocks; whether you are building a road or a landscaping a pathway in your back yard, South Okanagan Concrete Products has the material and equipment you need to get the job done.



gravel_plantAggregate, is the most abundant natural resource available. Used as a primary raw material component in construction.  Aggregate is arguably the most important building material.  It is produced in or near most every city and town in Canada. Aggregates make up nearly 80% of the volume of concrete and aggregates used in asphalt mixtures, comprise approximately 95 percent of the mix by mass. Thus, all roads, sidewalks, buildings, structures, and anything made from concrete require aggregates. The annual per capita consumption of aggregate is about 10 to 15 tons in Canada.


 We carry a number of different landscape products including numerous decorative shales, and gravels, crusher tailings, lava rock, bark mulch, river rock, rip-rap, fine sands and more. Come by our yard to have a look.