Storm Water










Storm Water

South Okanagan Concrete Products has been precasting concrete since 1963. We manufacture an extensive line of storm water management products including: catch basins, drywells and outflow structures. Whether you need to catch the water from a roof down spout or divert water from a flash rain storm, SOCP has the precast products you need to weather the storm.

Managing Storm Water

Bring on the rain. Quick and efficient — precast concrete underground stormwater systems are sized to channel large discharges in case of heavy rain to nearby bodies of water. Precast concrete withstands not only the volumes of water flowing inside them, but extreme loading conditions on the outside as well. And in both cases, they must stand up to corrosive elements. Precast concrete steps up to these challenges.

Quality in the Mix

Our precast products are manufactured using a high strength concrete mix design called, Self Consolidating Concrete or SCC.  This mix is designed to give our products superior strength and durability. There are many advantages of using SCC over a conventional mix, including a more homogeneous concrete mix and decreased production time.