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Precast Manhole Barrels

South Okanagan Concrete Products has been precasting concrete since 1963.

We manufacture an extensive line of manhole barrels ranging from 900 mm ID (36”) to 1800 mm ID (72”).  Whether it is a sanitary or storm water application, SOCP can provide you with the precast products you need to complete the job.

Precast concrete manholes are an integral component of any modern sewer system.  A properly designed and installed precast concrete manhole system provides superior watertight performance compared with competing methods and materials. A typical precast concrete manhole can be installed 500 feet deep and more, because lateral forces act equally around the periphery, which places the section in pure compression – the ideal state for concrete. Precast concrete manhole sections are produced in a controlled environment, thus exhibiting high quality and uniformity.

Quality in the Mix

Our precast products are manufactured using a high strength concrete mix design called, Self Consolidating Concrete or SCC.  This mix is designed to give our products superior strength and durability. There are many advantages of using SCC over a conventional mix, including a more homogeneous concrete mix and decreased production time.

All of our precast manhole products are designed to meet the ASTM C478 design specification.