Redi-Rock Retaining Walls


28″ Series

#0800 28T – Redi-Rock 28″ Top Block

#0801 28HT – Redi-Rock 28″ Half Top Block

#0802 28M – Redi-Rock 28″ Middle Block

#0803 28HM – Redi-Rock 28″ Half Middle Block

#0804 28B – Redi-Rock 28″ Bottom Block

#0805 28HB – Redi-Rock 28″ Half Bottom Block


41″ Series

#0806 41M – Redi-Rock 41″ Middle Block

#0807 41HM – Redi-Rock 41″ Half Middle

#0808 41B – Redi-Rock 41″ Bottom Block

#0809 41HB – Redi-Rock 41″ Half Bottom Block

#0810 41P – Redi-Rock 41″ Planter Block


60″ Series

#0812 60M – Redi-Rock 60″ Middle Block

#0813 60B – Redi-Rock 60″ Bottom Block

#0814 60P – Redi-Rock 60″ Planter Block


Positive Connection Series

#0816 28PCT – Redi-Rock 28″ Positive Connection Top Block

#0817 28PCM – Redi-Rock 28″ Positive Connection Middle Block

#0818 28PC – Redi-Rock 28″ Positive Connection Bottom Block

#0819 41PC – Redi-Rock 41″ Positive Connection Middle Block


Corner Blocks

#0831 CG – Redi-Rock Garden Corner Block – 3 Sided

#0832 HCG – Redi-Rock Half Garden Corner Block – 3 Sided

#0833 FC – Redi-Rock Flat Corner Block

#0834 HFC – Redi-Rock Half Flat Corner Block

#0835 MC – Redi-Rock Middle Corner Block

#0836 HMC – Redi-Rock Half Middle Corner Block


Free Standing Series

#0837 FST – Redi-Rock Free Standing Top Block

#0838 CFT – Redi-Rock Free Standing Variable Radius Top Block

#0839 FM – Redi-Rock Free Standing Middle Block

#0840 CFM – Redi-Rock Free Standing Variable Radius Middle Block

#0841 FB – Redi-Rock Free Standing Bottom Block

#0842 CFB – Redi-Rock Free Standing Variable Radius Bottom Block

#0843 FG – Redi-Rock Free Standing Garden Block

#0844 CFG – Redi-Rock Free Standing Variable Radius Garden Block

#0845 Cap – Redi-Rock Free Standing 6″ Cap (2 Sided)

#0845 HCap – Redi-Rock Free Standing 6″ Half Cap (2 Sided)

#0846 Cap – Redi-Rock Free Standing 6″ Cap (3 Sided)

#0846 HCap – Redi-Rock Free Standing 6″ Half Cap (3 Sided)

#0847 Cap – Redi-Rock Free Standing 6″ Cap (4 Sided)


Column Series

#0848 C – Redi-Rock Column Block

#0849 EC – Redi-Rock End Column Block

#0850 LC – Redi-Rock Line Column Block

#0851 CC – Redi-Rock Corner Column Block

#0852 GC – Redi-Rock Gate Column Block

#0853 Cap – Redi-Rock Column Cap

#0854 CapC – Redi-Rock Column Cap /c Conduit



#0856 St – Redi-Rock Step (4 Sided)

#0857 St – Redi-Rock Step (3 Sided)

#0858 HSt – Redi-Rock Step (3 Sided)


Why Redi-Rock Retaining Walls?

Massive, one-ton Redi-Rock blocks allow tall gravity retaining walls to be built without geogrid or tiebacks in many applications.  Robust engineering and easy installation make Redi-Rock a great choice for residential projects, road and bridge projects, storm water projects, industrial developments, and more! Redi-Rock walls are installed like giant Lego blocks, making them fast and easy to build.  At South Okanagan Concrete Products, we manufacture the newest and most eye appealing block face, the Ledgestone series.

Redi-Rock is not just about functionality.  It is also about eye appeal. We offer a complete coordinated product line including: Retaining walls Freestanding walls, Columns, Steps and Caps to give your project a complete solution!

Get an overview of the complete Redi-Rock system here.


The Gravity System:

Redi-Rock Retaining Walls

The Redi-Rock Gravity System has the ability to build tall walls without requiring geogrid or tiebacks in many applications. This makes it possible to build close to property lines and existing infrastructure, minimizing excavation and installation costs. Each 41” gravity block weighs 2,351 lbs. Redi-Rock blocks utilize a knob and groove technology, which means that the entire retaining wall structure is interlocked.

The Gravity System also includes a variety of block sizes and setbacks to meet the needs of the many complex projects—including storm channels, highway projects, residential homes, developments, and more. Learn more about the Gravity System here.


The Reinforced Positive Connection (PC) System:

Redi-Rock Retaining Walls

Today, Redi-Rock is proud to offer not only a gravity retaining  wall system, but also an unparalleled geosynthetic reinforced  system—the Positive Connection (PC) System. The heart and soul of the PC System is its superior connection strength. Unlike friction connections featured in other geosynthetic reinforced wall systems, there is virtually no chance of a pullout connection failure with the PC System because the grid wraps through the block.

The resulting connection does not have a weight dependent (friction) component, so it provides as much strength at the top of the wall as at the bottom. Also, unlike many other wall systems, there are no extra parts such as clips, bars, or mechanical fasteners required to assemble the connection. Each PC System block weighs 1,540 lbs. Learn more about the PC System here!


Freestanding Walls:

Redi-Rock Retaining Walls

Redi-Rock Freestanding blocks are textured on both sides, giving above-grade walls an unbeatable finished look. Freestanding walls look great standing alone, but they can also integrate with Redi-Rock retaining walls, Columns and Caps to create beautiful privacy walls, guard rails, force protection walls, seat walls, garden/planter walls, and more. Each Freestanding block weighs 1527 lbs. Learn more about Redi-Rock Freestanding walls here!




Redi-Rock Retaining Walls

Columns are a great way to finish off a project and can be used as stand-alone structures, at the top of a retaining wall, in conjunction with fencing, or in many other ways! Each Column block weighs 725 lbs, as much as a Grizzly bear—which means your Columns will stay put. Learn more about Redi-Rock Columns here!




Steps and Caps:

Redi-Rock Retaining Walls

Redi-Rock Steps and Caps are a great addition to Redi-Rock projects. Redi-Rock Step blocks are massive, stone-textured blocks that have consistent dimensions which make them easy to walk on. These blocks can be used to create straight or curving staircases that integrate beautifully with Redi-Rock walls and Columns.  The 4-sided Step/Cap block weighs in at 688 lbs., as much as two sumo wrestlers! With such a massive size, Redi-Rock Step/Cap blocks will stay exactly where you put them. These blocks are a great solution for finishing retaining walls and also make a great finish for seat walls. Learn more about Redi-Rock Steps and Caps here!


Technical Resources:


At Redi-Rock, we are proud of the engineering department and the support they offer. Since 2000, the engineering department has built a solid reputation as the technical authority in the large block retaining wall industry. A library of technical resources is available to help you design your next project, including:

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